We Just Shipped Qnami ProteusQ Number Two!

September 2020.  These are exciting times here at Qnami.  We just shipped Qnami ProteusQ Number Two! 

Qnami’s Quantum Engineer, Marcelo, rolls the Qnami ProteusQ to the loading dock.

The Qnami Team here in our offices and labs at The 5th Floor in Muttenz, Switzerland has been focused on finishing assembly and quality control.   Satisfied that it could deliver on our extremely high standards, they packed up the baby onto two pallets.   

Marcelo hands over the baby to DHL.

Our Quantum Engineer, Marcelo, rolled the pallets down to the loading dock, and handed them over to DHL for transport to their final destination. 

Who is this second customer?  Stay tuned to this channel to learn more in the coming weeks! 

Want to be the next customer?  Get in touch with our Technical Sales Manager, Joerg Lenz (joerg.lenz@qnami.ch).