Magneto PQ

Magneto PQ is a compact magnetic field source fully integrated in the Qnami ProteusQ. With it, you can apply strong positive and negative magnetic fields both in-plane and out-of-plane with respect to the sample, to measure the magnetic behaviour of your samples.   

It is the ultimate magnetic characterization add-on of the ProteusQ microscope to probe a wide range of magnetic phenomena and validate the design of novel devices by applying magnetic fields while benefiting from the ultra-high precision of scanning NV magnetometry.


apply positive and negative field to perform full hysteresis loops and provide valuable insight into a wide range of materials

Automated Operation

Run complex measurements protocols and acquire high confidence data hassle-free

Strong fields

condition magnetic textures and topological structures in a wide range of materials at room temperature

Strong Magnetic Fields without sacrificing imaging resolution

The fully integrated and compact design of Magneto PQ is based on motorized permanent magnets and flux concentrators that generate strong positive and negative magnetic fields in the region of interest. The design allows you to easily switch between in-plane and out-of-plane magnetic fields to probe any sample according to you research needs.

In Magneto PQ, permanent magnets avoid the need for water cooling, which would induce unnecessary experimental complexity. The mounting frame keeps the magnet mechanically decoupled from the sample and the NV probe to further avoid mechanical vibrations. This results in greater flexibility and less vibration to ensure accuracy in the measurements and maintain AFM contact while tuning the magnetic fields.

Complex measurements protocols made simple


With a guided routine helps you can check and optimize the alignment of the NV quantization axis with the magnetic field for best performance.


Tailoring measurements portocols to your experiment needs becomes intuitive with easy-to-use scripts in Jupyter Notebook and full access to relevant parameters.


The closed loop scanner and high stability of ProteusQ enables you to perform hours of magnetic imaging cycles without losing the exact mapping area.

The operation of Magneto PQ is fully integrated in the ProteusQ software and guarantees reliable and consistent results. With the ability to enter any given position of the sample and get the required field strength from the magnet in that position, Magneto PQ saves time and effort in adjusting the magnet and ensures precise measurements.

ProteusQ’s unrivalled thermal stability and closed-loop piezo positioners allow full access to the sample and tip area during experiments, while enabling unattended measurements of magnetic imaging cycles over several hours.

In only three steps, you will be able to perform complex measurements protocolos hasslefree!

New applications in nanomagnetism unlocked

Magneto PQ allows the user to probe the behavior of magnetic nanostructures under external bias fields and validate new designs of their devices. Users can manipulate domain walls, initialize and characterize artificial spin ice structures, create skyrmions, influence spin waves, switch magnetic memory bits, and much more.

!!! New data available !!! - Can't wait for the papers?

Data taken combining ProteusQ with Magneto PQ on relevant devices will be shortly published in high-imact scientific journals. If you want to know what we have been up to, get in touch with our Application Scientist. He will be happy to tell you more.

Next level in precision

The Qnami ProteusQ opens a new window on your research and gives you a new level of control to drive innovation in the design, creation and delivery of smart and energy-efficient electronics.

Equipe Qnami ProteusQ with Magneto PQ to extend its characterization capabilities. 

Do you want to know more?

Get in touch with Ben and Joerg. They will be happy to answer your questions.

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