Vario PQ

Vario PQ allows the application of external currents and voltages to the sample, while performing scanning NV measurement using Qnami ProteusQIt consists of 8 separate electric lines which are provided to the sample holder via 2 x 2 twisted pair cables.



Combine Vario PQ with the Qnami ProteusQ, the first complete Scanning NV Magnetometer to characterize your devices in working conditions.

TypeSample Holder
MicroscopeQnami ProteusQ
  • Current Measurements
  • Transport Measurements in 2D Materials
  • Antiferromagnetic Textures under the effect of piezo induced strain
  • Antiferromagnetic domain switching

If you are curious to learn more abou Current measurements unlocked by Vario PQ, check the Qnami Technical Note.


  • Operation modes:
    • Limits for signal transmission: 100 VRMS or 150 Vpeak per pin
    • Limits for power transmission:5mA per pin
  • Total amount of leads: 4 x 2
  • Nominal cable length containing 4 lines (2x twisted pairs): 20cm
  • Frequency range: DC – 1MHz
  • Micro D-Sub connector
  • Operation conditions:
    • Temperature: -55°C to +100°C
    • Humidity: <75%

Next level in precision

The Qnami ProteusQ opens a new window on your research and gives you a new level of control to drive innovation in the design, creation and delivery of smart and energy-efficient electronics.

Combine Vario PQ with Qnami ProteusQ to characterize devices in working conditions.

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Current measurements using Vario PQ

Measure current-induced magnetic fields and characterize their spatial homogeneity.

Extract current densities using their induced magnetic field.

Are you curious to read more?

Check out the Technical Note on Current Measurements unlocked by Vario PQ.
Vario PQ unlocks research potential


Transport Measurement in 2D materials

Nature 583, 537–541 (2020)

Magnetic textures under the effect of voltage-induced strain

Nat Commun 11, 1704 (2020)

Magnetic domain swithing in antiferromagnetic memory devices

Nat Commun 8, 13985 (2017)

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