Quantum sensing

Science is experiencing a quantum revolution with astonishing potential for innovation. We are proud to be part of that global movement with our quantum sensing technology.

The core

Quantum sensors

Quantum sensors leverage the extreme sensitivity of quantum systems to their environment to provide new performance. Their ability to measure weak signals in an accurate, self-calibrated way is unique. Among the existing technological solutions, quantum sensors based on so-called NV centers in diamonds stand out for their ability to measure magnetic fields with unprecedented precision.
The technique

NV Magnetometry

NV magnetometry makes use of atomic defects in diamond, called NV centres, to measure magnetic fields. The extreme sensitivity of NV centres to their surrounding magnetic field is readily observed in their radio-frequency spectrum, using a technique known as optically detected magnetic resonance (ODMR) spectroscopy. A key advantage of NV magnetometry is that NV centres have a well predicted and reproducible behaviour, which provide unambiguous information on the strength and direction of the magnetic field.
The innovation

Scanning NV Magnetometry

By combining NV Magnetometry and Scanning Probe Microscopy techniques onto a single platform, Scanning NV Magnetometry allows the simultaneous acquisition of the sample’s topography and its surface magnetic fields with nanoscale resolution. While the probe’s radius of curvature determines the lateral resolution for the topography image, it is the distance between the NV centre and the sample surface that determines the lateral resolution for the magnetic image. Quantum sensing technology at its best.

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