ProteusQ: Scanning NV Microscope

The ProteusQ is the first scanning probe microscope making use of NV technology. It allows quantitative and non-perturbative analysis of surface magnetic fields at the nanoscale.

  • Tuning fork based SPM (f=32kHz)
  • AFM mode, NV mode
  • Large (x,y) scanning range 100µm x 100µm
  • Digital closed loop for all directions
  • Combined confocal microscope (NA = 0.7)
  • Fast qualitative mode (dwell time > 10 ms)
  • Quantitative mode
  • Compatible with the Quantilever MX series

Download ProteusQ specifications

Quantilever MX : Magnetic imaging at the nanoscale

The QuantileverMX are diamond probes for scanning probe microscopy. Each QuantileverMX sensor behaves like a true single-spin momentum, allowing non-perturbative analysis of a large variety of magnetic materials such as antiferromagnetics, multiferroics, nanomagnetism, etc. Combined with the ProteusQ, the Quantilever MX provide a direct quantitative measurement of the magnetic field with minimal calibration requirements.

  • Non-perturbative single spin probe (magnetic moment 2 uB)
  • NV depth from tip apex down to 10 nm (SRIM)
  • Mounted on quartz tuning fork (Q>1000, f=32kHz)
  • Mounted on ceramic plate
  • Compatible with the ProteusQ series

Download the Quantilever MX specifications

Quantum Diamond: Our specifically engineered diamond for sensing applications and more

  • NV diamond membranes: ready-to-use diamond with NV centers
  • High resolution imaging
  • Quantum sensing
  • Opto-mechanics
  • Quantum computing
  • Medical/Bio
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