Northeastern University acquires the first Quantum Microscope in the US as Qnami opens to North American market

The first Qnami ProteusQ in North America has been delivered in the EQUAL facility at Northeastern University led by Professor Swastik Kar.
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Qnami ProteusQ installed at Queen's University Belfast

Qnami ProteusQ installed at Queen’s University Belfast

The first Qnami ProteusQ in the United Kingdom has been successfully installed at Queen's University Belfast.
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Newly published paper on exotic antiferromagnetic spin textures imaged with ProteusQ

Qnami ProteusQ unlocks the quantitative characterization of exotic antiferromagnetic spin textures at the nanoscale. Read about this breakthrough in the newly published Physical Review Applied paper.
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Qnami launches Vario PQ

Qnami launches the first accessory of the Qnami ProteusQ Series: Vario PQ. It unlocks the characterization of your devices in working conditions.
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Newly published scientific breakthrough in the field of hybrid magnonics facilitated by Qnami ProteusQ

A new leap forward in the field of magnonics has been achieved by the researchers led by Prof. Haiming Yu (Beihang University, China). Qnami ProteusQ facilitated the team achieve these results.
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New Nano Letters paper on weak magnetic defects in ultra-scaled nanowires revealed with Qnami ProteusQ

A new Nano Letters paper featuring a novel application unlocked by Scanning NV Magnetometry is out. For the first time, researchers from imec revealed nanoscopic weak magnetic defects in nanowires using Qnami ProteusQ.
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Imaging magnetic structures at the nanoscale with Qnami ProteusQ

Qnami launches its new Whitepaper and Technical Note about the Qnami ProteusQ Imaging Modalities. All you want to know from use cases to working principles is only one click away.
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Technical Note 02 – Spatial Resolution in Scanning NV Magnetometry

This technical note explains how spatial resolution is defined in Scanning NV Magnetometry. For a given distance d between the NV center and the scanned surface, the best achievable lateral spatial resolution is 0.86 d.
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ProteusQ a Finalist–Congrats to Element Six for Prism Award 2021

ProteusQ named a finalist for the 2021 Prism Awards in the Quantum category.
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Qnami ProteusQ Delivered to Lab of Prof. Vincent Jacques at University of Montpellier!

It isn’t too late for 2020 news, is it?  We hope not!  In December we delivered the third Qnami ProteusQ of 2020 to Professor Vincent Jacques, a prolific publisher and scientist in the field of quantum sensing and spintronics, from the Charles Coulomb Lab at the University of Montpellier.  Moreover, this was the first delivery...
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