Special edition of the Let the Science Talk - ProteusQ Image Gallery - an ode to the beauty of the very small

Special Issue | An ode to the beauty of the very small

For the end of the year, we treat our readers with a special edition of Let The Science Talk. We share a selection of the measuaments done with ProteusQ in collaboration with scientists from all over the world featured in our Image Gallery.
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Issue #15 | Multiferroicity in Spin Cycloid state in BFO

Multiferroicity and spin cycloids unveiled in BFO thin films with ProteusQ and Quantilever MX.
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ProteusQ installed at RPTU Kaiserslautern

Another installation of ProteusQ completed. The system at RPTU was funded within a major instrumentation intiation by the DFG
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Issue #14 | Unexpected magnon spin diffusion in ultra-thin ferrite film

ProteusQ and AI had a crucial role for greakthrough findings challenging the standard models for magnons crossing domain walls.
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ProteusQ installed at the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids for the Spin3D and QIQM groups

ProteusQ at the MPI for chemical physics of solids in Dresden

Qnami ProteusQ has been installed at the MPI for Chemical Physics of Solids for Claire Donnelly and Uri Vool groups.
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Northeastern University acquires the first Quantum Microscope in the US as Qnami opens to North American market

The first Qnami ProteusQ in North America has been delivered in the EQUAL facility at Northeastern University led by Professor Swastik Kar.
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Qnami ProteusQ installed at Queen's University Belfast

Qnami ProteusQ installed at Queen’s University Belfast

The first Qnami ProteusQ in the United Kingdom has been successfully installed at Queen's University Belfast.
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Newly published paper on exotic antiferromagnetic spin textures imaged with ProteusQ

Qnami ProteusQ unlocks the quantitative characterization of exotic antiferromagnetic spin textures at the nanoscale. Read about this breakthrough in the newly published Physical Review Applied paper.
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Qnami launches Vario PQ

Qnami launches the first accessory of the Qnami ProteusQ Series: Vario PQ. It unlocks the characterization of your devices in working conditions.
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Newly published scientific breakthrough in the field of hybrid magnonics facilitated by Qnami ProteusQ

A new leap forward in the field of magnonics has been achieved by the researchers led by Prof. Haiming Yu (Beihang University, China). Qnami ProteusQ facilitated the team achieve these results.
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