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Explore the beauty of the very small with ProteusQ

With the Image Gallery we display a selection of the measurements done by Qnami’s Application Scientists in collaboration with researchers from all over the world. Using ProteusQ, the team was able to quantitatively image a broad range of material systems and magnetic phenomena. This collection shows how, with our Scanning NV Magnetometer, users can investigate magnetism at the nanoscale, bring unique innovative insight to materials engineering, and push the frontiers towards next-generation devices.

Enjoy the journey.

There is an art to science, and a science in art; the two are not enemies, but different aspects of the whole.

Isaac Asimov
Qnami ProteusQ - thq quantum microscope to probe magnetic properties of your materials at the nanoscale

ProteusQ empowered researchers to make sense of a variety of material systems and magnetic phenomena, ranging from memory devices to nanoparticles, from artificial spin ice systems to mineral shells. The team already looks forward to the next ones to come.

Do you want to know more about ProteusQ and how it can help you further in your research? Check our the ProteusQ brochure and contact our Sales Team to have an introductory call. Drop Ben and Joerg an email at sales@qnami.ch

If you have a sample and want to assess its magnetic properties at the nanoscale, unveil its complex magnetic textures, and gain a deeper understanding of it, we might be able to help you. Let’s talk and check with our AppLab team if your sample is eligible for free proof-of-concept measurements. 


BFO as a platform for ultraefficient spintronics

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Magnetoelectric coupling in BFO is seen as never before with ProteusQ by combining Piezo Force and Scanning NV Microscopy.

FEBID Nanomagnets for Spin Qubit Control

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Combining FEBID and Scanning NV Microscopy, researchers fabricated and characterized Cobalt nanomagnets for spin Qubit control.

Spin waves and superconductivity

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By using wide field NV magnetometry, researchers showed for the first time that superconductors can be used to manipulate spin waves.

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