About us

Unlocking quantum technology to enable a better world.

At Qnami we develop fundamental new technology using quantum mechanics. The control and measurement of the state of a single electron enables us to measure what could never be measured before. We call this quantum sensing and we are enthusiastically developing this technique to improve people’s lives and the world.

Building a future, together

The world is experiencing a quantum revolution with astonishing potential for innovation and growth. Qnami is a venture capital backed company. We’re taking a lead in this revolution aiming to be a thought leader in our industry. 

Sharp foundation

Extensive academic research and deep knowledge build the ground for all we do. With our technology, we’re redefining the common understanding of precision.

Human connections

Technology for the humankind: it’s all about the people and our collaborations with partners, colleagues and the public – unifying and life-enhancing.

Scientific expedition

Curiosity, an open mind and forward-thinking lead us. We believe there is a solution for everything.

Quantum technology made in Switzerland

It all started with the lab work of Prof. Dr. Patrick Maletinsky at the University of Basel. Known as a cluster for life sciences, Basel is a vibrant city that offers great opportunities. Since 2016 we’re working enthusiastically to build a global quantum industry from this city in the heart of Europe.

Long term partnerships
and collaborations

We are proud to be part of the global quantum revolution that makes the world a better place by driving quantum physics from the lab to the people. Among the first to do this, we contribute important developments in the field of quantum sensing.

We partner with experts around the world, reviewing obstacles and exchanging knowledge to help address scientific and practical challenges. On the way to a better future – together.


Top 100 Swiss Startups 2022

World shapers of tomorrow
Qnam is one of the winners of the Swiss Startup Award 2022

Top 100 Swiss Startups 2021

World shapers of tomorrow

Top 100 Swiss Startups 2019

World shapers of tomorrow

Venture Leaders Technology 2019

Swiss National Startup Team on a global roadshow

Venture Kick 2018

Startups supported by Venture Kick

Funded Projects

EIC Accelerator 2021

State Secretariate for Education and Innovation - SERI
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