Quantum Foundry

We engineer synthetic diamonds to fabricate quantum sensors for applications where sensitivity is key.  From the idea to the solution.

Diamond is an outstanding material. It is robust, inert and bio-compatible and enables non-perturbing measurement in the most challenging environments. Synthetic diamond is fabricated in growth chambers at very high temperature and pressure.

We source such diamonds and upgrade them for quantum applications by introducing NV centers into the diamond’s crystal lattice. We further apply micro-fabrication techniques inspired by the silicon industry to produce advanced NV diamond chips with the best quantum properties.

Step 1We define best approach for target application, together
Step 2We define R&D plan, together
Step 3We deliver, at scale when necessary

First pilot line worldwide

We’re the first to professionalize the production of diamond material for quantum sensing applications.

Our technical know-how in diamond engineering for quantum implementation is unique. Coming from the university lab, we’re the first to professionalize the production of this technology for applications. In our Quantum Foundry we serve as the missing link between diamond manufacturers, researchers and industries building devices with quantum sensors. 

Working one-to-one with technology partners, we quickly develop technical scientific solutions, from the idea to implementation. 

Goal definition

We define the best approach for your target application, together.

Project plan

We define an R&D plan, together. We make an offer tailored to your needs.

Your solution

We manufacture and deliver your very own NV diamond. At scale, if you wish.

Our other products

ProteusQ microscope system

Capture surface magnetic fields at the atomic scale with the Qnami ProteusQ and a next level in precision.

Quantilever probes

Diamond probes with NV centers for scanning NV microscopy.


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Use our AppLab Service and we get your measurements done for you.


You want to know more about our diamonds or are a supplier. Get in touch with Felipe.
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