Qnami's Quantum Microscope - ProteusQ™

Qnami ProteusQ is a complete quantum microscope system. It is the first scanning NV (nitrogen-vacancy) microscope for analyzing magnetic materials at the atomic scale. This microscope system comes with state-of-the-art electronics and software. Its flexible design allows for future adjustments and scaling, expansion, and capability upgrades. The proprietary technology of Qnami’s quantum microscope provides high-precision images for you to see directly the most subtle properties of your samples and the effect of microscopic changes in your design or fabrication process.

TypeScanning NV Microscope
PartnerHoriba Scientific

Proven and robust platform

  • Powered by Horiba, the world leader in AFM and optics
  • Ultra low drift, closed loop scanners
  • Stable optical design


NV SPM head compatible with QuantileverTM

  • Fast and safe tip exchange
  • Easy near-field antenna approach
  • Single spin quantum sensor


Dedicated high frequency electronics

  • Optically Detected Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy
  • Optional high-frequency pulsing capabilities


Powered by


  • 5x5x15 mm³ motorized approach system for XYZ sample positioning with positioning resolution < 1 um
  • 100x100x15 (+/-10%) um³ XYZ piezo closed-loop sample scanner with XY non-linearity of 0.05%, and Z non-linearity of 0.05%
  • Noise level:
    0.1nm RMS in XY dimension in 200Hz bandwidth with capacitance sensors ‘on’
    0.02nm RMS in XY dimension @ 100Hz bandwidth with capacitance sensors ‘off’
    < 0.04nm RMS Z capacitance sensor @ 1000Hz bandwidth
  • Maximum sample size: 40x50mm², 15mm thickness
  • Quantilever tuning-fork probe holder
  • Integrated miniaturized microwave near-field antenna
  • 4x4x4 mm³ xyz manual stage for near-field antenna positioning with resolution < 1 um
  • NV bias magnet mounted on objective (vertical direction: -2.5 to +2.5 mT, manually adjustable)



  • 100x Plan Apo infinity corrected objective, NA=0.7, working distance: 6mm
  • 30x30x10μm³ XYZ closed loop piezo objective scanner with M26 x 36 TPI thread
  • Video microscope top channel, including LED illuminator and a USB Industry CMOS camera (DFK 22AUC03), 744×480 pxl (0.4Mpxl), 4.46×2.88mm² sensor size
  • Confocal optical unit with up-straight photon collection and 50um multimode fiber output coupler
  • Optical diodelaser(λ=515±5 nm), tunable outputpower 0.01 -20.0mW at focal point
  • Single photon counting module


Microwave generator

  • Operating frequency bandwidth 2.5-3.5 GHz, 10Hz resolution
  • Maximum power> 30dBm, with 0.1dB power resolution
  • Gain compensated for flat power distribution across the whole frequency bandwidth
  • 4 General purpose Input-Output (GPIO) channels with TTL level specification
  • 1Gigabit Ethernet connection port for data transmission



  • Windows software for control of Smartscan SPM modes
  • LabQ software for SNVM (NV fluorescence mode, optically detected magnetic resonance spectroscopy)
  • Fluorescence auto-track routine
  • Measurement scripting abilities via Jupyter Notebook


ProteusQ Specifications (PDF)

Material characterization

Current imaging in integrated circuits


Non-volatile memories

2D materials

Biological systems

Quantum devices

And more…

See our application examples

Enhanced Precision with Quantum Microscopy

The Qnami ProteusQ opens a new window on your research and gives you a new level of control to drive innovation in the design, creation and delivery of smart and energy-efficient electronics.


Map a wide range of magnetic signals down to the single atomic layer with nanoscale resolution for material science and more.


Automated operations, tip and sample exchange in just a few minutes. You don’t even need quantum expertise.


Adjust, expand and upgrade your ProteusQ. Synchronize measurements and run your own protocols with the Jupyter Notebook (Python).


ProteusQ Quantum Microscopy Modes

ProteusQ NV-fluorescence quenching mode

NV-fluorescence quenching mode

ProteusQ NV fluorescence quenching iso-B mode

iso-B mode

Show NV-fluorescence quenching full-B mode

full-B mode

LabQ Software to operate Qnami's Quantum Microscope

The complete scanning NV system consists of the ProteusQ quantum microscope, a microwave signal generator with a photon counting module, and the system software.

While our quantum microscope will give you new insight into the nanoworld, we did not want the quantum machinery behind it to get in your way. Built upon the open-source Qudi framework, the LabQ software intuitively guides you through the different measurement modes so that you get the answers you need as quickly as possible.

  • From fast sample preview to detailed analysis
  • Simultaneous mapping of topography and magnetic fields
  • Fluorescence auto-track mode
  • Write your own scripts and run custom-made protocols

Fluorescence auto-track mode

We hope you will have as much fun using our quantum microscope as we had making it!


Quantum Microscopy Applications

BFO as a platform for ultraefficient spintronics

/ /
Magnetoelectric coupling in BFO is seen as never before with ProteusQ by combining Piezo Force and Scanning NV Microscopy.

FEBID Nanomagnets for Spin Qubit Control

/ /
Combining FEBID and Scanning NV Microscopy, researchers fabricated and characterized Cobalt nanomagnets for spin Qubit control.

Spin waves and superconductivity

/ /
By using wide field NV magnetometry, researchers showed for the first time that superconductors can be used to manipulate spin waves.

Do you want to know more about our Quantum Microscope?

Get in touch with Joerg. He'll be happy to answer all your questions about ProteusQ.

Our Other Products

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AppLab Service

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With our AppLab Service we will measure your samples on the Qnami ProteusQ.

Quantum Foundry

We engineer exquisitely sensitive NV diamond quantum sensors for academic and commercial customers.
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