Qnami's Quantum Diamond Tips - Quantilever MX+

Quantilever MX+ represents the state-of-the-art quantum diamond tips that deliver the highest demonstrated signal-to-noise ratio for scanning NV magnetometry. The innovative tip design maximizes the light collection efficiency while ensuring an optimal distance between the NV center and the sample surface.
Equip Qnami ProteusQ with the Quantilever MX+ quantum diamond tips to further enhance its sensing performance. With their high signal-to-noise ratio, Quantilever MX+ diamond probes unlock the measurement of even weaker magnetic fields. 


What the users say

  • The Quantilever MX+ probes significantly decreased our data acquisition time – we were able to get publication-quality data in the time it took to train a student on the software and operation of the system. The improved collection efficiency from these tips will enable us to characterize many more samples per day, even in the quantitative full-B imaging mode.  

    Paul Stevenson, Assistant Professor at Northeastern University - Boston , USA
    Dr. Paul Stevenson
    Assistant professor at Northeastern University
  • These new tips are a wonderful addition to Qnami’s portfolio and allow us to take measurements in new, previously impossible ways. Because every photon counts, our work directly benefited from the increased fluorescence count rate compared to the conventional design. Especially at low temperatures, where high-quality objectives with high NA and large working distances are difficult to find, the reduced NA of the parabolic tips makes life a lot easier. 


    Dr. Rainer Stöhr - Senior Scientist at University of Stuttgart
    Dr. Rainer Stöhr
    Senior scientist at the University of Stuttgart

The Product Offer

Pillar Geometry Parabolic
Signal-to-noise ratio 3-times higher than with conventional tip design
Magnetic Sensitivity ~ 3μT/(Hz)1/2
Patent Family WO2021151796A1
System Qnami ProteusQ



Single Units

1 Quantilever MX+
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Starting Pack

2 probes from our Quantilever MX + series and 2 probes from our Quantilever DX series
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Scanning NV Applications

Measure extremely weak magnetic fields

Nanoscale magnetic textures in bismuth ferrite unveiled with Qnami ProteusQ

The high signal-to-noise ratio and sensitivity of Quantilever MX+ further facilitate the characterization of materials with extremely weak stray fields such as antiferromagnets or multiferroics.


Sample: BiFeO3/GdScO3
Courtesy of:  Dr. P. Stevenson (NEU) and Dr. R. Ramamoorthy (UCB)


Perform SNVM at cryogenic temperatures

Quantilever MX+ enables higher photon count rates and directional photon emission with minimal losses allowing the use of objective lenses with small NA and relaxing potential working distance constraints.

Measure magnetic textures in atomically thin van der Waals magnets at cryogenic temperatures becomes easier with Quantilever MX+. 

Perform AC magnetometry

Due to the higher signal-to-noise ratio and photon count rates, AC magnetometry protocols benefit drastically from reduced measurement time.

Image non collinear antiferromagnetic textures using single spin relaxometry will take less time with Quantilever MX+.

Groundbreaking design

The latest cutting-edge design advancement in diamond tips made commercially available.

Highest precision

Up to 3 times higher SNR compared to conventional tip designs.

Highly efficient measurements

Record-low laser powers and photon emission into minimal numerical aperture.

The innovative design is the result of a fruitful collaboration with the Quantum Sensing Lab (led by Prof. Patrick Maletinsky) at the University of Basel. The innovation initiated through the work done by Hedrich et al in 2020 and continued through technoloy transfer with the Qnami Quantum Foundry who optimized the fabrication process and made it the third generation of Qnami Quantilevers

From The Idea to The Fabrication

Optimized pillar geometry

To effectively guide photons toward optics

The parabolic shape effectively guides emitted photons toward the collection
optics. The flat end facet ensures the proximity between the NV center and the sample
surface preserving the high spatial resolution in magnetometry measurements.

Simulation of the fluorescence light emitted by the NV center at the apex of the Quantilever MX+

Improved photonic waveguide

To maximize signal collection

The parabolic reflector guides on average 80% of the emitted photons toward the collection optics.  The concentrated photon flux allows the use of objectives with small NA (<0.5) and relaxes potential working distance constraints.

SEM image of the Quantilever MX+ pillar

State-of-the-art fabrication techniques

To icrease the signal to noise ratio

Signal-to-noise ratio enhanced – parasitic background fluorescence is minimized by optimal nanofabrication. Integration times in the sub-ms range are unlocked through high NV signal and minimized noise leading to improved statistics.

Diamond Tips for Nanoscale Resolution

The optimized design of the Quantilever MX+ pillar
maximizes the light collection efficiency while preserving the nanoscale resolution. 

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