Technical Note 02 – Spatial Resolution in Scanning NV Magnetometry

This technical note explains how spatial resolution is defined in Scanning NV Magnetometry. For a given distance d between the NV center and the scanned surface, the best achievable lateral spatial resolution is 0.86 d.
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ProteusQ a Finalist–Congrats to Element Six for Prism Award 2021

ProteusQ named a finalist for the 2021 Prism Awards in the Quantum category.
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Qnami Deutschland mit Zukunftscluster QSENS erfolgreich

Das Deutsche Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) hat das Projekt QSENS, mit Beteiligung von Qnami Deutschland, als einen der sieben Gewinner der deutschen Regierungsinitiative Clusters4Future ausgewählt.
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New Nature Communications paper on new method to image spin textures in antiferromagnets using Qnami QuantileverMX probes

There is nothing more rewarding to us at Qnami than seeing scientists creating break-through results using our Qnami QuantileverMX probes or Qnami ProteusQ Microscopes.
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Qnami ProteusQ Delivered to Lab of Prof. Vincent Jacques at University of Montpellier!

It isn’t too late for 2020 news, is it?  We hope not!  In December we delivered the third Qnami ProteusQ of 2020 to Professor Vincent Jacques, a prolific publisher and scientist in the field of quantum sensing and spintronics, from the Charles Coulomb Lab at the University of Montpellier.  Moreover, this was the first delivery...
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Qnami Selected as Finalist for the 2021 Prism Awards

What a way to close out 2020! Qnami has been selected as a finalist for the 2021 Prism Awards in the category of Quantum for our recently launched Qnami ProteusQ Scanning NV Microscope.
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Qnami-Element Six Case Study: Taking Big Science to the Table Top

Qnami is pleased to share the case study we created together with Element Six. Element Six is a critical partner to Qnami for the supply of synthetic diamond. We utilize this diamond material to create the QuantileverMX series of sensors that power our Qnami ProteusQ Scanning NV Magnetometer. “Element Six has been at the forefront...
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Technical Note 01 – Magnetic Field Measurement with NV Centers in Diamond

This technical note aims to provide the reader with the fundamentals of NV magnetometry. In a first part we introduce the nitrogenvacancy (NV) center and its fundamental properties.
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Special offer on Qnami's quantum sensor with single NV centers

Xmas Special Offer

Benefit from a special 25% discount for any Quantilever order placed before the 31st of December 2020.
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Researchers smile as proteusq microscope is delivered to Thales

Qnami ProteusQ Delivered to Lab of Nobel Laureate Albert Fert!

Delivering a Qnami ProteusQ to a customer is always a special moment.  When that customer is the lab of a Nobel Laureate in Physics, it makes it extra-special!  Last week, we delivered and installed a Qnami ProteusQ Scanning NV Microscope in the CNRS-Thales lab of Albert Fert.  Professor Fert was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2007 for his discovery of the giant magnetoresistance effect. This work gave birth to a new...
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