Qnami at Sol-SkyMag 2021

Sol-SkyMag is an international conference aiming to bring together the community leading researchers in the fields of nanomagnetism, spin dynamics, spin-transport, and their applications. It will offer an excellent opportunity for selected participants from universities, research institutes and industry to present and discuss their most recent results, share the latest scientific findings and technology developments.

Qnami is proud to be part of this research community and eager to share its most recent results on nanoscale magnetic imaging using Qnami ProteusQ: the first commercial scanning NV microscope that allows to measure what has never been measurable before.

Live-streamed Scientific Talk:

Join Qnami’s Application Scientist Dr. Hai Zhong for his scientific talk at Sol-SkyMag 2021. Hai will present Qnami’s technology, scanning NV magnetometry, and how it can be used to characterize nanoscale magnetic features of antiferromagnets such as Bismuth Ferrite.

Date & Time:
Thursday June 24, at 12:15 – 12:30
Session 9: Fundamentals of magnetism and nanoscale systems
Title: “Quantitative imaging of antiferromagnetic spin cycloidal textures on strain engineered BiFeO3 thin films with a scanning Nitrogen-Vacancy magnetometer”
Speaker: Dr. Hai Zhong, Application Scientist at Qnami

If you want a preview of this results, visit our application page or directly download the Application Note.

Qnami looks forward to e-meeting you at the Sol-SkyMag 2021!

For more information, visit the Sol-SkyMag website.

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