Webinar: Scanning NV Magnetometry with Qnami ProteusQ

We are proud to present the first webinar of Qnami about Magnetometry with the Qnami ProteusQ. The webinar was originally held on the 7th of July 2020 by Prof. Patrick Maletinsky, group leader of the Quantum Sensing ground in Basel, Switzerland and co-founder of Qnami. 

For those who weren’t able to participate, we are happy to share with you the recorded version in the video below. The webinar covers in short the following topics:

The nitrogen-vacancy (NV) center is an atomic-scale defect in diamond. It hosts an electronic spin that can be initialized and detected optically, making it an exceptional system for quantum sensing of magnetic phenomena at room temperature. A particularly powerful approach is to incorporate the NV center in a scanning probe microscope (SPM), which enables a unique combination of field sensitivity with nanometric spatial resolution. During the webinar, we present the Qnami ProteusQ, the first commercial SPM making use of NV quantum technology. Specifics of this quantum microscope, which enable quantitative and non-perturbative analysis of surface magnetic fields, are discussed within the talk. We demonstrate the performance of this new characterization tool through magnetometry on antiferromagnetic systems and ultra-thin ferromagnets.

Stay tuned for more news around the next webinars for this year and enjoy the presentation.
Your Qnami Team 

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