The Quantilever Revolution

The Quantilever Revolution

How NV centres were turned into nanoscale sensors. From the proof of concept to the commercialization of the Quantilevers and beyond.
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Qnami launches Vario PQ

Qnami launches the first accessory of the Qnami ProteusQ Series: Vario PQ. It unlocks the characterization of your devices in working conditions.
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New Nano Letters paper on weak magnetic defects in ultra-scaled nanowires revealed with Qnami ProteusQ

A new Nano Letters paper featuring a novel application unlocked by Scanning NV Magnetometry is out. For the first time, researchers from imec revealed nanoscopic weak magnetic defects in nanowires using Qnami ProteusQ.
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Imaging magnetic structures at the nanoscale with Qnami ProteusQ

Qnami launches its new Whitepaper and Technical Note about the Qnami ProteusQ Imaging Modalities. All you want to know from use cases to working principles is only one click away.
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Technical Note 02 – Spatial Resolution in Scanning NV Magnetometry

This technical note explains how spatial resolution is defined in Scanning NV Magnetometry. For a given distance d between the NV center and the scanned surface, the best achievable lateral spatial resolution is 0.86 d.
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Qnami-Element Six Case Study: Taking Big Science to the Table Top

Qnami is pleased to share the case study we created together with Element Six. Element Six is a critical partner to Qnami for the supply of synthetic diamond. We utilize this diamond material to create the QuantileverMX series of sensors that power our Qnami ProteusQ Scanning NV Magnetometer. “Element Six has been at the forefront...
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Technical Note 01 – Magnetic Field Measurement with NV Centers in Diamond

This technical note aims to provide the reader with the fundamentals of NV magnetometry. In a first part we introduce the nitrogenvacancy (NV) center and its fundamental properties.
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Enlarged image of a probe using Qnami's Scanning NV Microscopy technology

Application note 01 – Imaging antiferromagnetic order at the surface of BiFeO3

In our first application note, we show how Qnami ProteusQ™ can be used to image antiferromagnetic spin textures with state-of-the-art accuracy.
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Prof. Patrick Maletinsky, Dr Kai Wagner and Dr Hai Zhong in the Qnami lab with the first ProteusQ microscope

Prof. Maletinsky acquires first ProteusQ

The first Qnami ProteusQ has been delivered to the team for testing.
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