Issue #18 | Understand what annoys your spin qubits

Combining FEBID and Scanning NV Microscopy researechers unveiled how to optimize nanomagnets for spin qubit control
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Issue #15 | Multiferroicity in Spin Cycloid state in BFO

Multiferroicity and spin cycloids unveiled in BFO thin films with ProteusQ and Quantilever MX.
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Issue #14 | Unexpected magnon spin diffusion in ultra-thin ferrite film

ProteusQ and AI had a crucial role for greakthrough findings challenging the standard models for magnons crossing domain walls.
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The Quantilever Revolution

The Quantilever Revolution

How NV centres were turned into nanoscale sensors. From the proof of concept to the commercialization of the Quantilevers and beyond.
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Newly published paper on topological defects in antiferromagnets

Newly published Physics Review Letter paper about topological defects in antiferromagnets observed for the first time at room temperature using Qnami Quantilevers
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New Nature Communications paper on nanoscale magnetic features in van der Waals magnets using Qnami QuantileverMX probes

Another breakthrough publication about bidimensional Van der Waals Magnets characterized using Qnami Quantilever MX. Congratulations to Prof. Wrachtrup and his collaborators.
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Technical Note 02 – Spatial Resolution in Scanning NV Magnetometry

This technical note explains how spatial resolution is defined in Scanning NV Magnetometry. For a given distance d between the NV center and the scanned surface, the best achievable lateral spatial resolution is 0.86 d.
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New Nature Communications paper on new method to image spin textures in antiferromagnets using Qnami QuantileverMX probes

There is nothing more rewarding to us at Qnami than seeing scientists creating break-through results using our Qnami QuantileverMX probes or Qnami ProteusQ Microscopes.
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Qnami-Element Six Case Study: Taking Big Science to the Table Top

Qnami is pleased to share the case study we created together with Element Six. Element Six is a critical partner to Qnami for the supply of synthetic diamond. We utilize this diamond material to create the QuantileverMX series of sensors that power our Qnami ProteusQ Scanning NV Magnetometer. “Element Six has been at the forefront...
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