Quantum sensor for atomic force microscopy

Quantilever MX: diamond probes containing a single NV for high resolution magnetic imaging

Our Quantilevers (former DP-Quant1) are the result of 5 years of careful optimization of our fabrication process and the best tool for magnetic imaging with nanometer precision. Each diamond probe is carefully characterized and prepared by our team to ensure the highest quality.

Magnetic field 1 μT/Hz1/2 (DC)                          up to 50 nT/Hz1/2 (AC)
Dynamic Range 0 – 1T
 Temperature range  0 – 370 K
Count-rate (NA=0.8)  > 200 000 counts/s
Tuning fork frequency  32 kHz
Lifetime  up to 6 months demonstrated
 Orientation  53 deg
 Distance to surface 25 nm
g(2)(t=0)  < 0.5
ESR contrast  > 10%
T2*  > 1 μs

Custom specifications available on request.

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