Qnami at the Inaugural Workshop of the IAS CQT

Are you curious to know what the future of Quantum Industry will look like? Take the chance to register to the online Inaugural Workshop of the new IAS Center for Quantum Technologies in Hong-Kong on August 26, 2021. Our CTO and Co-Founder Felipe Favaro de Oliveira will be there representing the Quantum Metrology field.

The newly established IAS CQT at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is born as a hub for quantum technology research, education, and entrepreneurship. Its mission is to build a strong quantum ecosystem to foster the second quantum revolution.

The director of the center, Prof. Bei Zeng, and her collaborators Prof. Sen Yang and Prof. Berthold Jaeck have organized an online Inaugural Workshop to present their initiative and give the stage to world-leading quantum technology startups and research groups to present their latest achievements. Qnami is thrilled to be part of the workshop.  

You can register here for the public session “Quantum Technologies in Industry” planned for August 26, 2021 starting from 14:00 CEST. Join this session to hear about the latest news from Quantum Technology startups worldwide. Take your chance to connect and talk with the experts during the panel discussion. Felipe is looking forward to discussing with you.

Invited Talk by Dr. Felipe Favaro de Oliveira

Our CTO and Co-Founder Felipe Favaro de Oliveira is going to show how crucial is the role of Quantum Metrology as quality control tool in the development of novel computing technologies aiming to combine high-performance and low energy footprint.

Public Session: Quantum Technologies in Industry
Date & Time: August 26, 2021 – from 14:00 to 17:00 CEST
Talk Title: “Supporting the Development of New Computing Technologies with Quantum Metrology”
Speaker: Dr. Felipe Favaro de Oliveira, CTO and Co-Founder at Qnami

To discover more about the event, you can visit the IAS CQT Inaugural Workshop webpage.

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