Qnami at MRS Fall Meeting 2021

Boston, we are coming!

Yes!!  Finally!! After almost 2 years, Qnami’s team is going back to Boston for the legendary MRS Fall Meeting. The must-go event when it comes to materials science!

Less than a week to go and we will be able to meet in person those of you who will be attending the conference in Boston. We are eager to (re-)connect, learn more about the latest research breakthroughs in materials science, and share updates about our scientific results, our products, and their applications.

If you are planning to join the event, either in person or online, here is where you can meet us.

Scientific Talk

Antiferromagnets gained a lot of attention lately due to attractive features for future spintronics applications. The real-space observation of antiferromagnetic order is a challenging task, especially at the nanoscale. It has been shown that high-sensitivity magnetic imaging of the stray fields outside the material offers a powerful avenue to address nanoscale spin textures in antiferromagnets.

In this talk we share how Qnami ProteusQ™ can be used to image antiferromagnetic spin textures with state-of-the-art accuracy. If you are curious to know more about bismuth ferrite and its antiferromagnetic order, don’t miss the chance to listen to the talk.

Talk EQ03.08.05: “Quantitative Imaging of Antiferromagnetic Spin Cycloidal Textures on Strain Engineered BiFeO3 Thin Films with a Scanning Nitrogen-Vacancy Magnetometer”
Speaker: Peter Rickhaus, Application Scientist
Online Live session: December 6, 2021 at 11:00 pm CET

Can’t wait until the live session? No problem. Here is our Application Note about Bismuth Ferrite. Enjoy reading!

Sponsors of the EQ03 Symposium

Qnami is the official sponsor of the Scientific Symposium EQ03 – Spin-Based Sensing at the Nanoscale and Hyperpolarization with NV-Diamond and Beyond. More than twenty talks all about NV-based quantum sensing. Learn from world-leading researchers how to leaverage quantum mechanics to obtain state-of-the-art accuracy in a wide range of measurements.

Exhibition booth

If you are in Boston for the in-person event at the Hynes Convention Center , then visit us at booth 602!

Dr. Lucia Garbini and Dr. Joerg Lenz will be happy to welcome you to our special booth. Curious to know what is so special about it? Come and see 😉 we promise your will not regret!

Lucia and Joerg look forward to learning more about your research and finding out together with you if Qnami ProteusQ can facilitate further your research.

Rumor has it, there will be also a challenge for the bravest. Take your chance and play with us. A prize is waiting for the winner.

Virtual booth

You are not going to Boston but still joining the event form home? Then, don’t miss the chance to meet us at our virtual booth. Our team will be available for 1-1 meeting and eager to answer all your questions about our products and their applications.

Qnami is looking forward to meet you! For further information about the event, visit the official website.

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