Qnami at DIAM 2021

Are you ready to discover the latest advancement in carbon-based material research? DIAM 2021, the 31st International Conference on Diamond and Carbon Materials is going to be live next week!

DIAM 2021 will be a live-streamed interactive conference with an interesting program packed with presentations, posters and tutorial sessions. Experts from industry and academia will present top-notch results spanning from carbon-based semiconductors to color centers in diamond, from sensing to energy applications, and much more.

Qnami is thrilled to present the latest results obtained at the Qnami Quantum Foundry. Our extensive experience in diamond engineering led us to the development of a novel diamond-based sensor for scanning NV nano-thermometry.

Are you curious to hear about it? Take your chance to join our CTO and Co-Founder Felipe Favaro de Oliveira for his talk on September 8, at 10:45.

Talk by Dr. Felipe Favaro de Oliveira

In his talk, Felipe will present the first results related to the novel approach in the design and fabrication of diamond-based scanning probes containing NV centers that are optimized for nano-thermometry imaging experiments.

These devices offer a unique combination of tip robustness, high sensitivity, quantitative sensing, and nanometer resolution to scanning thermometry. Qnami’s novel approach will enable measurements of hot spots in materials with high thermal conductivity such as metallic feed lines in microelectronic devices.

Take the opportunity to join Felipe in his talk:

Session: 11A Quantum Sensors
Date & Time:
Wednesday September 8, at 10:45 CEST 
Talk O11A.4: “Nanoscale scanning thermal imaging using novel diamond scanning probes”
Speaker: Dr. Felipe Favaro de Oliveira, CTO and Co-Founder at Qnami

For your reference, you can check out the talk abstract here.

If you need further information about the conference, you can check out the DIAM 2021 website.

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