Quantilever MX

Quantilever MX+

Quantilever MX+ are state-of-the-art tips with the highest demonstrated signal-to-noise ratio for scanning NV magnetometry. Quantilever MX+: the tip that gives you more.

Scanning NV magnetometry reveals magnetic textures in 2D material CrBr3 in cryogenic environment

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Applying scanning NV magnetometry to cryogenic temperatures allowed Professor Wrachtrup and his collaborators to reveal magnetic domains and study their dynamics in atomically thin van der Waals magnets.

Characterization of room-temperature in-plane magnetization in thin flakes of CrTe2 with a single spin magnetometer

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Using Qnami QuantileverMX probes, the team led by Vincent Jacques identifies the only “van der Waals” material known to date where magnetic order occurs in a few atomic layers even at room temperature 

Spatial Resolution in Scanning NV Magnetometry – Technical Note

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This technical note explains how spatial resolution is defined in Scanning NV Magnetometry. For a given distance d between the NV center and the scanned surface, the best achievable lateral spatial resolution is 0.86 d.

Imaging non-collinear antiferromagnetic textures via single spin relaxometry—Nature Communications

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The team led by Vincent Jacques demonstrates a new method to image spin textures in synthetic antiferromagnets using Qnami QuantileverMX probes.

Magnetic field measurement with NV centers in diamond – Technical Note

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This technical note provides the reader with the fundamentals of NV magnetometry.

Room-Temperature Skyrmions at Zero Field in Exchange-Biased Ultrathin Films – Physical Review Applied

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Team led by Dr. O. Boulle demonstrates skyrmions stable at room temperature and with a radius 10x smaller than previously reported.

Antiferromagnetic textures in BiFeO3controlled by strain and electric field – Nature Communications

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Team of Prof. V.Garcia from CNRS/Thales shows electrical control of the magnetic states of BFO opening a new playground for low-power spintronics
Close-up illustration of the tip of Qnami's Scanning NV Magnetometry

Quantilever probes

Diamond probes with NV centers for scanning NV microscopy.

Electric and antiferromagnetic chiral textures at multiferroic domain walls – Nature Materials

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French research group led by Prof. M. Viret uses scanning NV magnetometry to reveal a novel type of chiral spin-textures occurring on BiFeO3’s domain-walls.
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