Long decay length of magnon-polarons in multiferroic/ ferromagnetic heterostructures

Magnons are the particle counterpart of spin waves. They are promising for applications in low-power consumption magnonic devices as they can travel in ferromagnetic metals and magnetic insulator free of resistance. The short magnon decay length, however, makes it extremely difficult to build effective on-chip magnonic devices.

In their recently published Nature Communications paper, the group led by Prof. Haiming Yu (Beihang University) demonstrated long-distance magnon propagation in multiferroic/ferromagnetic heterostructures (BFO/LSMO) realized by the magnon–phonon coupling at the BFO/LSMO interface.

Qnami ProteusQ enabled researchers to quantitatively characterize the homogeneity and periodicity of the stray magnetic fields of the samples with unprecedented accuracy and confirm an in-plane anisotropy in the heterostructure as observed in the angle-dependent spin-wave spectroscopy experiments. More details on the Scanning NV Magnetometry characterization are well described in the supplementary information.

If you want to find out more about these groundbreaking results, download the paper here.   

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