New Tools Promise the Next Big Thing for Quantum Sensing – Photonics Media

Photonics Media published this article co-authored by Qnami co-founder Patrick Maletinsky. In it, the authors discuss how fast low-noise electronics and lasers have enabled recent advancements in quantum sensing technologies, including the development and commercialization of the Qnami ProteusQ.

Selected text from the article:

Today, we are in the middle of a second quantum revolution that builds on the control and detection of individual quantum states in microscopic systems such as atoms, quantum dots, and color centers. Emerging quantum sensing techniques could lead to the improvement of multiple sensing technologies, ranging from sensitive quantum gravitometers, accurate atomic clocks, and low-noise quantum interference microscopy...

…The most flexible approach applies a scanning probe geometry, which scans the NV and sample with respect to each other for imaging. Today, the most robust and sensitive implementation of such scanning NV magnetometry is achieved by using diamond nanopillars that contain individual NV centers at their tips as scanning probes (Figures 2 and 3). This approach, originally conceived in 20123, has since been refined4 to the extent that commercial solutions are available today from companies such as Swiss startup Qnami AG…


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