New Nature Communications paper on nanoscale magnetic features in van der Waals magnets using Qnami QuantileverMX probes

Van der Waals magnets are getting a lot of attention both as an optimal platform to explore fundamental materials magnetic properties, and novel candidates for spintronics devices. Qnami Quantilever MX proves to be, once again, the tool of choice for revealing nanoscale features that could never be explored before.  

Prof. Wrachtrup and his collaborators from StuttgartTsukuba and Seattle reported the existence of magnetic domains and studied their dynamics in atomically thin CrBr3 bilayer using cryogenic NV scanning magnetometry. 

Thanks to the high spatial resolution and high sensitivity of the Qnami Quantilever MX probe, the team clearly identified the magnetic domains and studied their evolution in response to magnetic fields with increasing intensity. They not only quantitatively determined the magnetization of the CrBr3 bilayer, but also located the material defect sites that pin the domain walls.  

Dr. Rainer Stöhr, lead scientist and corresponding author of the paper describes the collaboration with Qnami and implications of the research: 

“Without the permanent support of the entire Qnami team, which works relentlessly and enthusiastically to continuously improve the Quantilever probes, this work would not have been possible. For us, this opens up a whole new world of opportunities to explore new classes of materials that are relevant to emerging quantum technologies. Together with Qnami, we expect to make an impact in the development of new platforms for quantum computers and quantum sensors.” 

We congratulate Prof. Wrachtrup and his collaborators for publishing these results in Nature Communications (March 31, 2021). Read more about Prof. Wracthrup’s team’s paper on our application page.  

Qnami Quantilever MX are diamond probes with a single-spin NV center for imaging of magnetic fields.  We designed this series for magnetic imaging with nanoscale resolution. With a single NV spin at the apex of the tip, Quantilever MX probes scan surfaces with extreme precision and allow non-perturbative analysis of a large variety of magnetic materials. Combine it with the Qnami ProteusQ for the best possible result. 

Quantilever MX
Single NV diamond probe

Are you interested in the Qnami ProteusQ microscope or Quantilever MX tips for your own lab? Do you have questions about applications for your own research? Contact our Technical Sales Manager, Dr. Joerg Lenz ( Or reach out to your local branch of our exclusive global distributor Horiba Scientific.

About Qnami: Qnami is a VC-backed high-tech company with its roots at the Physics Department of the University of Basel in Switzerland. It develops fundamental new technology using quantum mechanics. The control of the state of a single electron enables measurement with a precision that could never be achieved before. The technique is called quantum sensing and Qnami is enthusiastically developing it to improve people’s lives and the world. Extensive academic research and deep knowledge build the ground for all that Qnami does. With this technology, Qnami is redefining the common understanding of precision. Qnami offers an open team culture of mutual respect and intercultural understanding which is both business and scientific minded. Qnami attracts young, multicultural, open and skilled team members, who have a deep passion for the work. 

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