New Nano Letters paper on weak magnetic defects in ultra-scaled nanowires revealed with Qnami ProteusQ

In December 2021, the group of researchers lead by Dr. Paul van der Heide (imec, Belgium) published a Nano Letters paper sharing their exciting results which are setting the pathway for a novel methodology to characterize nanoscopic weak magnetic defects in technologically relevant device structures using Scanning NV Magnetometry.

Thanks to the high spatial resolution and magnetic sensitivity of Qnami ProteusQ, researchers managed to reveal magnetic inhomogeneities in ultra-scaled CoFeB nanowires that could never be measured before.

Dr. Umberto Celano, lead scientist and corresponding author of the paper describes the collaboration with Qnami and implications of the research: 

“The continuous exchange with the Qnami team has been crucial during the execution of this project. Not only we had great support with the critical analytical steps, but we established a deep collaboration based on trust and enthusiasm that ultimately lead us to advance the state-of-the-art in probing magnetic nanowires using SNVM.” 

We congratulate Dr. Paul dan der Heide and the entire team for publishing these results in NanoLetters (December 9, 2021). Read more about this breakthrough on our dedicated application page

Scanning NV Magnetometry is unlocking more and more applications in the field of nanoscale magnetism. Can yours be the next one? We can find it out together. Drop an email to our Application Scientist Dr. Peter Rickhaus (  We would be happy to talk with you.

Qnami ProteusQ | The product on the Spotlight

Qnami ProteusQ is a complete quantum microscope system. It is the first scanning NV (nitrogen-vacancy) microscope for the analysis of magnetic materials at the atomic scale. The Qnami ProteusQ system comes with state-of-the-art electronics and software. Its flexible design allows for future adjustments and scaling, expansion and capability upgrades. The proprietary Qnami ProteusQ quantum technology provides high precision images for you to see directly the most subtle properties of your samples and the effect of microscopic changes in your design or fabrication process. 

Qnami ProteusQ

Are you interested in the Qnami ProteusQ microscope for your own lab? Contact our Technical Sales Manager, Dr. Joerg Lenz (

About Qnami: Qnami is a VC-backed high-tech company with its roots at the Physics Department of the University of Basel in Switzerland. It develops fundamental new technology using quantum mechanics. The control of the state of a single electron enables measurement with a precision that could never be achieved before. The technique is called quantum sensing and Qnami is enthusiastically developing it to improve people’s lives and the world. Extensive academic research and deep knowledge build the ground for all that Qnami does. With this technology, Qnami is redefining the common understanding of precision. Qnami offers an open team culture of mutual respect and intercultural understanding which is both business and scientific minded. Qnami attracts young, multicultural, open and skilled team members, who have a deep passion for the work. 

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