Diary of a quantum woman at MWC 2023

Last week THE biggest international conference on telecommunications was held in Barcelona – MWC 2023.  Our marketing manager Lucia and CEO and co-founder Mathieu attended the conference representing Qnami as exhibitors. Today we hear all about it directly from Lucia. Enjoy the reading 😉

#quantumwoman @MWC

Everything started a few months ago with an exciting email from the Quantum Flagship team inviting Qnami to join the European Quantum space pavilion as an exhibitor for the 2023 edition of MWC. Did I already say Exciting? And at the beginning of last week, Mathieu and I headed to a cold and snowy (can you believe it?) Barcelona to start our MWC adventure. Spoiler: it was incredible!

As a first timer at MWC, I was surprised at every corner. I couldn’t stop saying “wowwwww” or “OMG”, with my eyes wide open. I felt like Alice in Wonderland. And as weird as it can sound… It was like I could smell Innovation, Technology, and Impact everywhere.  


I was so thrilled to see that Quantum had a big role in such a trade show. Dedicated pavilions, dedicated sessions with talks from world-leading players in quantum technologies, and inspiring panel discussions on how to benefit from quantum in real-world scenarios. Flash news: Quantum is happening now. And the world starts to appreciate it as a big technological opportunity of today rather than skeptically consider it a futuristic imagination of nerdy physicists.    


Being part of the European Quantum space was an honor and a pleasure for Qnami. The work done by the outreach and communication teams from ICFO and the Quantum flagship to curate our quantum pavilion was IMPRESSIVE and flawless. Every day there were talks on the latest advancement in quantum technologies on the QT Club stage. Guided tours would stop by to learn about the impressive advancement carried on by the main actors in the European Quantum landscape.  Personally, I was so excited.


For Qnami this opened the possibility to strengthen our connections with the vibrant European Quantum Startup world. We had the tremendous opportunity to raise awareness on quantum sensing within the telecoms’ community. As we shared with the attendees we spoke with, quantum sensors enable semiconductor industries of today developing smaller, smarter, and more energy efficient electrical chips to be used in the telecoms of tomorrow. Since 2017, Qnami’s mission is to bring quantum sensing solutions out of the lab and make them available for high precision industries. And I could not be prouder to be part of this journey.


The cherry on my MWC23 cake was the diversity4tech summit. Two half-days of inspiring panel discussions and interviews with incredible women and men who are making the difference. NOW. The tech workforce, and the workforce in general, needs to embrace diversity, inclusion, equality, and accessibility to tackle the big challenges the (tech) world is presenting to us. It’s important to talk about it. It is, however, even more important to do something about it. Listening to thought leaders sharing stories of companies embodying these values and actively building strategies and novel approaches to implement this today left me with the urge to do my part. We can have an impact. We need to choose to have it. And together we can do it better. It was an empowering experience!    

MWC in numbers:
  • Eight huge exhibition halls
  • Around 105’000 registrants
  • Hundreds of exhibitors
  • Thousands of talks.

All about innovation and fore-front technology in the field of telecommunications.

MWC in hashtags:

#quantumishappening #quantumisnow #quantumcandogood #industry4.0, #5G, #6G, #innovation, #technology, #impact, #telecoms, #crypto, #internet, #press, #interviews, #government, #robot, #AI, #machinelearning, #quantum, #diversity, #inclusion, #equality, #cooperation, #partnership… and many many more!

It was HUGE!

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