Unlocking quantum technology to enable a better world.

At Qnami we develop fundamental new technology using quantum mechanics. The control and measurement of the state of a single electron enables us to measure what could never be measured before. We call this quantum sensing and we are enthusiastically developing this technique to improve people’s lives and the world.

The future is us

The world is experiencing a quantum revolution with astonishing potential for innovation and growth. Qnami is a venture capital backed company. We’re still small (that makes us agile), but we’re an important key player aiming to be thought leaders in our field. Deep tech in Switzerland is strong and can be backed locally with excellent return on investment.

Work with us

Qnami offers an open team culture of mutual respect and intercultural understanding. We are both business and scientific minded. Young, multicultural, open and skilled, we have a deep passion for our work. Each of us offers their top unique skills plus an enthusiastic spirit – because we believe in what we do. 

Marcelo Gonzàlez

Quantum Engineer

Marcelo contribute to the R&D and production of Qnami’s quantum imaging solutions.

Meet the team

Joerg Lenz

Sales Manager

Patrick Maletinsky

CSO, Co-Founder

Alexander Stark

CIO, Co-Founder

Mathieu Munsch

CEO, Co-Founder

Marcelo Gonzàlez

Quantum Engineer