10 M€ to advance diamond quantum sensing technologies

Qnami is proud to be associated with the ASTERIQS project, one of the 25 European project funded by the first call of the Quantum Flagship.

“ASTERIQS will use ultrapure, man-made diamonds that include special defects such as nitrogen vacancy (NV) centers. Their unique physical properties allow us to build uniquely precise sensors to measure quantities such as magnetic field, electric field, temperature or pressure. We will develop various instruments such as fully integrated scanning diamond magnetometers for nanometer scale measurements, high dynamic range magnetic field sensors to control advanced batteries used in electrical car industry, lab-on-chip Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) detectors for early diagnosis of diseases, magnetic field imaging cameras for biology or robotics, and instantaneous spectrum analysers for wireless communication management. ASTERIQS will thereby transform decade-long research activities in quantum sensing technologies into state-of-the-art sensing devices with various real-life applications.” Thierry Debuisschert, from Thales SA, coordinator of the project.

ASTERIQS gather research institutes and companies from all over Europe and aims to contribute to second quantum revolution called by the EU Quantum Flagship program.

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