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Qnami is the world’s leading quantum sensing company and pioneer in the development and commercialization of quantum technologies for sensing and imaging applications. We offer cutting-edge scientific instruments and analytical solutions for applications in nanotechnology, life science and earth science. Our expertise covers the nano-fabrication of diamond quantum chips, system integration and the development of software for data analytics. Qnami collaborates with leading universities and industries worldwide to offer high performance quantum sensing solutions to its customers.

Discover ProteusQ, our Microscope for Scanning NV Magnetometry.

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What others say about us

  • With ProteusQ, we have been able to generate an enormous amount of textbook quality data in a short amount of time because of how easy the system is to work into our existing projects.

    Dr. Peter Meisenheimer
    Postdoc at UC Berkeley
  • We are really impressed with the performance of the ProteusQ! It strikes a great balance between being intuitive and quick to use for simple experiments, while still offering a lot of control for designing more complex measurements.

    Prof. Claire Donnelly, Prof. Uri Vool
    MPI for chemical physics of solids in Dresden
  • Here is a small team with deep expertise and passion. We’re very happy that Qnami has been supporting our research with high quality products and careful support over the past years.
    Prof. Vincent Jacques
    Laboratoire Charles Coulomb, CNRS
  • Together with the Quantum Foundry team of Qnami we were able to quickly design and develop a high quality and scalable solution for one of our products.

    Sella Brosh
    CEO Nvision Imaging Technologies
  • For us, the ProteusQ device strongly advances the applicability of NV magnetometry. We will use the device for a broad field of applications ranging from investigating molecules and two-dimensional materials to dynamic processes like magnons.

    Prof. Elke Neu-Ruffing, Prof. Artur Widera, Prof. Georg von Freymann, Prof. Mathias Weiler
    RPTU Kaiserslautern
  • Not only can we design experiments around the ProteusQ to take advantage of its functionality, it can also slot seamlessly into existing characterization as a standard measurement to give us an astonishing level of detail on functional materials. 

    Dr. Peter Meisenheimer
    Postdoc at UC Berkeley
  • Qnami will be a driving force for the next era of quantum sensing, by serving as a bridge between scientific ideas and industrial solutions.

    Christophe Jurczak
    Managing partner at Quantonation
  • It’s been three years since we got the ProteusQ from Qnami installed in our lab. Thanks to this wonderful tool, we were recently able to identify the critical role of anisotropic strain in (111)-oriented films on the stabilization of a single-domain antiferromagnetic spin cycloid.

    Dr. Vincent Garcia
  • The Qnami ProteusQ outperforms any scanning NV setup I’ve built or seen (be it in my labs or elsewhere) in terms of stability, linearity, low drift rates and ease-of-use. It is a real pleasure to work with this product.

    Prof. Patrick Maletinsky
    Professor at the University of Basel
  • ProteusQ will allow us to study domain walls in antiferromagnetic materials, and the first measurements are very promising. We also plan to use ProteusQ to investigate magnonic structures. The ProteusQ offers flexibility, allowing us to design new experiments that were previously impossible in our lab

    Dr. Georgy Astakhov
  • Imaging complex magnetic textures in ultra-thin films is very challenging if not impossible with state-of-the-art techniques. The Qnami ProteusQ made it possible. Hai Zhong and the entire Qnami team provided us with technical support and scientific inputs.

    Prof. Tianxiang Nan
    Tsinghua University
  • The Quantilever MX+ probes significantly decreased our data acquisition time – we were able to get publication-quality data in the time it took to train a student on the software and operation of the system.

    Prof. Paul Stevenson
    Northeastern University
  • These new tips are a wonderful addition to Qnami’s portfolio and allow us to take measurements in new, previously impossible ways. Because every photon counts, our work directly benefited from the increased fluorescence count rate compared to the conventional design.

    Dr. Rainer Stöhr
    University of Stuttgart
  • The continuous exchange with the Qnami team has been crucial. Not only we had great support with the critical analytical steps, but we established a deep collaboration based on trust and enthusiasm that ultimately lead us to advance the state-of-the-art in probing magnetic nanowires using SNVM.

    Prof. Umberto Celano
    Arizona State University (ASU), IMEC
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